Zhaga Compliant Linear Lighting Manufacturer

1983 - to date

Let’s talk CAPACITY.... 30 years of lighting manufacturing means we have learnt a few things about what we do along the way.

Our factory floor space is 1,397 square metres - not as big as the big guys but certainly not small by any means.

In this space we house our own Powdercoating Plant + other pieces of capacity building equipment like our CNC Router, Guillotine, Punches & Saws.

Lean Manufacturing gives us the tools to ensure that every square inch of our factory floor is used efficiently and with the purpose of creating flow in our manufacturing process.  No space is wasted or unused.

So do we have the CAPACITY?  Can we deliver the big projects on time and on budget? 
All of these points above + our amazing team led by our experienced Production Manager means the answer is YES WE CAN.
The big guys will have you believe that we can’t - they don’t want the competition.  But we are competition. 
Not only do we have the capacity but we can manufacture your lights to the quality standard you need, we can give you a price that reflects what we do and is very competitive in the market, and we will make sure your project is delivered in your timeframe.


We are always pushing ourselves to improve.  To be competitive as an Australian Lighting Manufacturer against the others in the market means we need to constantly improve our product quality and our service to our clients. 

So in our 30th Anniversary year we are making the following pledges:

Increase the QUALITY & EFFICIENCY OF OUR PRODUCTS to manufacture and be the best supplier in the Australian market.

Increase the EFFICIENCY OF OUR MANUFACTURING TEAM to reduce manufacturing turnaround times.

Update our PRODUCT INFORMATION in real time so you will always have the latest product knowledge available at your fingertips.

To COMMUNICATE OPENLY & FREQUENTLY with clients through all stages of quoting, ordering and despatching of products.

Maintain the enviable TEAM CULTURE and sustain a business that our team can continue to be proud to be a part of.




Hawko Lighting Group Australia guarantees the soundness and quality of the items produced, and warrants all products against defect in material and workmanship, for set periods listed below.  This limited warranty does not include any damage to the product that results from abnormal mechanical or environmental conditions, abuse, accident, misuse, insufficient or excessive electrical supply, natural disaster, or any unauthorised modification, repair, disassembly or the failure of the Purchaser to install the product according to specific installation instructions either supplied with each product, available on the Hawko website or via a Hawko representative.

All products are to be installed in accordance with the local, state and country electrical code and appropriate regulatory authorities should be contacted and consulted where required.

The liability of Hawko Lighting Group Australia shall be limited to the actual sales price of any defective products to which a claim has been made, and shall in no event include the Customer’s lost profits or goodwill, or any other direct, indirect, special, incidental or any other consequential damages whether based on contract, tort or other legal theory.  All claims are limited to the repair or replacement of the products and do not include any labour or transportation charges.  Hawko Lighting Group Australia offers no warranty on lamps other than the lamp manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee if any.  Hawko Lighting Group Australia accepts no responsibility for damage to any ancillary equipment or inconvenience caused by the failure of our products.

All warranty claims must be returned to Hawko for assessment with a receipt or other proof of payment.  All warranty claims are subject to the manufacturer’s review and acceptance.  Hawko Lighting Group Australia shall not be bound to consider any claim which is greater in amount than the actual sales invoice value of the goods claimed to be faulty when delivered.  Acceptance of delivery of goods returned for credit does not signify agreement to repair, replace or issue credit until after the goods have been inspected and deemed to fall within Hawko’s warranty terms.

LED Zhaga Profiles – 7 Years Years Warranty

LED Flex and Profiles – 5 Years Warranty

LED External – 5 Years Warranty

LED Power (Meanwell, Tridonic & Osram Drivers) – 5 Years Manufacturing Warranty