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North Shore New Zealand

North Shore New Zealand14 December 2017

Another happy client in New Zealand thanks to Lighthouse Projects. The client requested custom triangle light fittings integrated with our state of the art ZHAGA LED boards to create a stunning light feature. The light fittings were manufactured using seamless welded custom corners with our 80 Rectangle profile at 22w/mtr Philips LED boards to produce the magnificent light required for the high roof space.

New Electro® 2 look powder coat

New Electro® 2 look powder coat23 May 2017

Hawko is proud to offer the latest in powder coat technology available on all of our linear profiles, the Dulux Electro®2. Dulux’s new electro 2 range offers flexibility and freedom to appeal to architects and designers. This unique powder coating technology has evolved to now offer a new collection of anodised look finishes, along with 20 colours that have been cleverly designed to subtly change in appearance, as light conditions alter throughout the day.

Go to Dulux electro 2 webpage now and choose a new colour for your linear fixtures today!

New Lens Profile

New Lens Profile27 April 2017

We have incorporated our new LED Zhaga System profile with new lens technology to produce outstanding light efficiency. This new lens technology integrated into our Zhaga compliant LED boards means you have more control over the light source than ever before. The control begins with the ability to order dimming, then you are able to choose a wattage option based on lumen output required finished by the angle of light beam required to illuminate your targeted area. The options don't stop here with the ability to integrate an emergency light source, custom horizontal and vertical angles, plus much more.


ECU WA1 February 2017

With a tight time frame required, Edith Cowan University contacted their local Hawko distributor to see if we could quickly supply our 100 Recessed for a refurbished lecture theatre.  Our team here at Hawko made it happen in under 3 weeks and the results are amazing.  The high ceilings and large floor space were no issue for our Philips LED Fortimo boards, resulting in an impeccable even illuminance throughout the lecture theatre. Contact Hawko now to see if we can help you achieve those dreaded short lead times!

LED Flex Profiles

LED Flex Profiles11 January 2017

Did you know that we have a large range of extrusions to suit our selection of LED Flexible strips? Our collection of profiles provides you with a wide variety of different shapes and sizes to suit all projects requirements - big or small. The profiles are accompanied by our high quality LED diffusers which are available in clear, ice or opal finishes, with each profile sporting its own unique mounting system to create a simple clean finish!

When these are teamed together with our premium range of LED Flexible strips, the possibilities of design are endless. Jump on our easy to use website today to see which profile and LED Flex will suit your next project. If you don’t see a profile shape or size that suits your needs, give your local Hawko representative a quick call for further options that may be available.

Merry Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas 201614 December 2016

2016 has been a very productive year here at Hawko, with our improvements focused on making life easier. We started with our brand new website – designed to be simple and easy to navigate – followed by our new look installation booklets and boxes.
We have also teamed up with an experienced powder coating company, allowing us to supply new amazing timber look finishes on our Zhaga Systems range.
Our LED Flex gained a new member of the family, with chromaFLEX available in red, green blue and white (RGBW). ChromaFLEX uses 23w/mtr and when combined with the right colour controller, is perfect for a variety of projects. We have also improved the Pixielite, one of our most popular lighting options over the last 30 years, by using the new Gen2 bulbs. This allows us to supply longer run lengths, so we can meet your every need.

Not only have we improved on product, but we have also welcomed two new distributors to our group of quality resellers, based in NSW and ACT. The improvements will continue into the new year with a new catalogue, new Zhaga Systems and new LED Flex profiles currently in the works, expanding on the size range on all profiles.

From all the team at Hawko, we wish you a merry and safe Christmas break and look forward to working with you next year.

Australian Made

Australian Made7 December 2016

For over 33 years, Hawko has been manufacturing high quality light fittings from our premises in sunny Queensland. During this time, we have made it our priority to purchase our components from local suppliers wherever possible. This decision not only allows us to support other local companies, but also maintain extremely high levels of quality control as well as providing rapid lead times.

We are also heavily committed to keeping as many of our processes in-house as possible, in order to benefit local employment. This means that everything including the initial concept, R&D and prototyping, as well as manufacturing and finishing the job is completed here at our Hawko factory.

Installation Boxes

Installation Boxes29 November 2016

Don’t waste time looking for instructions! We have made our installation boxes stand out in bright orange, so you won’t miss it. We also pack it externally to the pallet when we sent it to site.

We recommend you refer to installation instructions when working out the total quantity of components required for each fitting.

Some methods will not require an installation box, in which case you can find instructions placed in the box with the your product.

Gen2 Pixielite LEDs

Gen2 Pixielite LEDs22 November 2016

Here at Hawko, we have been working hard to come up with the latest GEN2 LED’s for our Pixielite system. Offering the same bright output as GEN1, the new Pixielite LED’s now draw only 0.15w each! The means longer run lengths are now available whilst still cohering to the Australian Standards.

Hawko Pixielite is the only string lighting that is 100% Australian made and manufactured. We use the highest quality components that offer complete UV stabilisation. The fittings are ultrasonically welded onto the cable which prevents any moisture ingress, preventing the fittings from coming off the cables in the heat, unlike some of the poorly made versions. Our Pixielite system also incorporates single lamp failure technology ensuring if one lamp fails that no other lamps in the system are affected.

The Pixielite can be manufactured in the traditional manner using 12v or 24v incandescent lamps which still offer a great life time expectancy, or alternatively, using our latest GEN2 LED’s. Pixielite’s aren’t just for Christmas either, they are designed to be put up and forgotten about for years. You can use them not only to highlight trees, they can also be used around signage, buildings, awnings, eating areas – or any other outdoor application where a sturdy, reliable and high quality Australian manufactured string lighting effect is required.

Timber Look Finishes

Timber Look Finishes19 October 2016

Hawko has now partnered with a well-known Australian powder coating firm to release our new range of timber look finishes for our Zhaga range of extrusion. These fresh finishes now allow our light fittings to be easily disguised against a timber backdrop, or be used as a stunning feature point.

The photo on the left shows the timber finishes that are available – lead times may vary depending on the colour and quantity/length of the fitting. Speak with your local Hawko representative.

Clippers Sponsor

Clippers Sponsor10 November 2015

Hawko would like to proudly announce the new sponsoring of the Sunshine Coast Clippers QBL basketball team.  The Sunshine Coast Clippers are a team that Troy Staines, our Managing Directory, is very passionate about and when the opportunity arose to support the team we jumped at it.  It’s great to be a part of the local community and team and we wish them all the luck in this QBL season.


3D PRINTER9 November 2015

With our new onsite 3D printer, we are making life easier here at Hawko.  Printing new prototypes and extrusion ideas allows us here at Hawko to think of new innovative ways to get you as a customer, the light output you require in the shape or size fitting you love.  With large projects requiring custom extrusion shapes and designs, our onsite 3D printer makes the process that much easier by giving our designers a physical to scale prototype that allows us to see anything that may affect the build of the project prior to manufacturing, giving an ease-of-mind ordering process.  Moving to a rapid prototyping system allows us to get products to market quicker and we have some exciting new products on the horizon.