4.8w ecoFLEX-IP20

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L70 B10 >50,000 hours,
5 year warranty

Lengths Available

Cut Increment - 100mm
Maximum roll 10 metres


24V D.C.

Joining Lengths

easeCONNECT Push Fit Connectors Supplied
Solder joins possible at copper pads

LED Options


LED Colour Lumens/mtr
2700k 280lm/mtr
3000k 300lm/mtr
4000k 383lm/mtr
6000k 500lm/mtr

Control Gear

  • Non Dim
  • DALI Dim
  • Remote Controller
  • Phase Dim (Leading or Trailing Edge)

LED Colour

  • Warmer White - 2700k
  • Warm White - 3000k
  • Natural White - 4000k
  • Pure White - 6000k
  • Single Colours: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow

Light Source

Epistar 3528 LED Chip,
3 Step MacAdam Ellipse
Flexible white double sided PCB with dense rolled copper for long life with 60 LED's spaced evenly per metre.

More Info
On-board intelligent constant current circuitry with built in temperature control. The intelligent constant current system ensures LED’s run at a precise current even if slight fluctuations in input voltage occur, protecting and extending the life of the LED chips (unlike resistor based control). If the LED strip exceeds its maximum operating temperature, the integrated circuitry reduces the current to each LED chip until a safe operating temperature is reached.
Operating temperature -20 to +60 Degree Celsius.


CRI90 Only

Light Direction

120 Degree Beam Angle

Profile Options


Vertically bending strip,
Minimum bend 120mm DIA,
Do not bend on sides at anytime,
Do not twist at anytime.

IP Rating

IP20 Only Click here for IP67 Option

Mounting Options

No heatsink required. High quality 3M mounting tape on back