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XFLEX is Hawko’s world’s best practice 2700K to 4000K LED tape which includes constant current LED’s and on-board temperature control to maximise the LED lifetime. This product does not need to be installed on a heatsink. The product range can be used as a feature, wash down a wall, cabinet lighting or as main lighting source. Our LED flexible strip range can fit in most of the Micro Profiles we offer as well as all the Large Profiles on offer creating massive possibilities. We have brought back our intelligent IC on-board control for the LED chips. Most LED strips on the market us a simple resistor based current control method for the LED's which is a very basic control that is voltage dependent. We have always believed there is a better way, and that’s why we designed our intelligent IC control. This ensures that all LED’s along each XFLEX strip are run at an identical current, even if there are slight voltage variations, ensuring perfect matched brightness from the start to the end of the strip. The intelligent IC control doesn’t stop there either, it also has a thermal control system that constantly monitors that temperature of the LED’s. If the LED’s get too hot, the strip automatically begins dimming the LED’s to ensure that the chips are always run at their optimal temperature, further extending the lifetime of the XFLEX strip.



Cut Length:

Max Length

10mm | 13mm (IP)

3mm | 6mm (IP)